April In The Garden

The first signs that spring is on its way for me are the buds on my Magnolia tree bursting into life, the white and pink teacup like blooms never fail to impress me and brighten up the view when I open the curtains in the morning. The other sign that the long very wet and not to forget windy winter may soon just be a memory is the Cherry blossoms in all their glory covering the trees like waterfall of glistening colours in the morning sunshine. And that may be the most welcome sight of all sunshine, it lifts the soul, it’s good for you supplying you with vitamin D, it sparks nature in to life including the weeds unfortunately and it generally just gives you a good excuse to get out there and enjoy all the beauty that is all around us.

By now the grass should have started to grow on with improved vigour and if you have recently scarified, aerated and top dressed your lawn the new seed that was cast with any chance should be showing by now. It’s always an important time of year for all the fruit trees as they will all start to bloom over the next month’s, and weather plays an important part, warm sunny days with the Bees, Butterflies and other Insects pollinating the flowers lead to an abundance of fruit. But a late frost at the wrong time can ruin the blooms knock back the insects and lead to a generally bad crop. Have you ever noticed a late frost often pushes up the price of fruit later in the year at the shops?

The borders should be full of Daffodils, Bluebells and all manner of bulbs and herbaceous delights and that mulch you put down will have started its magic for the year ahead. You often see summer bedding at the garden centres around now and baskets and pots appearing with early flushes of colour. If you have ever lingered after a greater range of summer flowers then try buying some seeds and give them a go, a sunny window sill can make a perfect little incubator for seeds this time of year.

Jobs to Do

Now is the perfect time to sow, re-turf or do any scarifying or aerating to your lawn

Keep on top of the weeds!!!!

Use Cloches or Fleece to warm the soil and keep off late frosts

You can sow Peas, Cabbage and Parsnips direct now

Plant up chitted first and second Potatoes in the ground of bags of compost

Harvest Asparagus spears now fresh and tasty!

The grass will need regular cutting now.though not to low

Watch out for slugs their favourite snack is fresh soft green leaves

Enjoy the colourful blooms from Rodos, Magnolias and Camellias

Protect fruit blooms from late frosts if at all possible

Down the Plot

All those hours looking through seed catalogues deciding on what will be this year’s new crop. The endless looking at seed packets wondering when the weather will turn and those first seeds can be planted. Well the good news is that time is upon us now. In the ground Lettuce can be grown under cloches for an early crop in a few weeks if the ground is good your first and second early potatoes can go in now and your onions and shallots will be bursting to get going in the ground. The window sill can be a hive of industry to early sowings of Cabbage and all the Beans and Peas and my favourite Pumpkins, it gets them going ready for a head start come early May when the plot really gets going. I know it seems a bit early to mention the Christmas word but much of what you do now in preparation, planning and planting comes to fruition around the winter months so every bit of energy you invest now reaps dividends later in the year.


   That’s all for now and remember enjoy your garden



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