February In The Garden

February is upon us and for some looking ahead not long till it all picks up. True the days are getting slightly longer and you can get some nice days as well, but unfortunately Feb is statistically the coldest month in the Uk and after your heart gets warmed in the 14th its rapidly chilled again on the 17th is the coldest day on average. Although don’t be down heartened in the 130 odd years since records started the hottest it’s been on the 17th is a balmy 17.4c in Wales and a chilly -23.9c in Scotland, although both occurred in the late 1800s so there’s hope!. Anyway, a beautiful surprise awaited me at home the other day, my new seasons seeds have arrived! After I held myself back from running outside and starting my seeds off, it’s a bit too early to get most things going and a common problem amongst gardeners cracking the seeds out to early (there’s not enough light about quite yet and as we mentioned above there can still be frost about) so I settled myself down with the plan pad to decide exactly what’s going where, but it won’t be long and then it’s all systems go.

 Jobs to Do


Prune Roses and and give them some rose feed


Depending on weather Bare/Root balled shrubs are still viable

Start plans for the Allotments rotation of crops                                                                                                        

Prepare veg and flower bed with compost where required


Dig up and divide any perennials to refresh and add grow your numbers

Force your rhubarb for some early tender stems                 

Cut back evergreen hedges to keep them neat for new season

If the weather is right give the lawn a light cut and tidy maybe                                                                     

Get chitting your potatoes an old egg box is perfect to keep them eyes up                                                                 

Clean, Oil and Sharpen your tools ready for action


Down the Plot

It won’t be long I promise and you can start in earnest down the plot but hold of for now, although if you have a greenhouse you can start a few things off, Sweet Peas can go for an overnight soak in lukewarm water and potted up for an early start, and you could sow some peas in a piece of guttering towards the end of the month ready to slide into the ground undisturbed when the times right. You can warm yourself up on a cold morning by prepping the beds adding compost where needed, remember some veg like Carrots don’t like freshly manured ground whereas others like beans and squashes need as much as you can give them. A good tidy of the greenhouse or Shed while its quiet is a good idea too, so when you need you know where it is or if the old sticks nets have had their day you can replace ready for when needed. Another thing you can do while prepping your beds is to check the PH levels! one of the biggest reasons some crops fail to do their best due to the condition of the soil. Soil kits are cheap and I’ve got an inexpensive electronic one and I know that my brassica beds need some lime added to up the Ph to a better level. Lastly give the tools a good clean, oil and sharpen up ready for the new season ahead a sharp hoe is a lot easier, safer and faster than a blunt one.


   That’s all for now and remember enjoy your garden



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