December In The Garden



 Well we have made it to the end of the year. And its been a year like no other! Covid aside we have had one of the warmest, longest growing seasons I can remember, some of my Strawberries are still trying to fruit! Gardening/Allotments have truly come into there own this year, with many finding out what ive always known that, its not just good for you physicaly but mentally to. And the weather we had over lockdown was certainly a bonus. The trick now is to keep up all this intrest in the world and enviroment around us.
Apart from keeping up with the clearing up of leaves the garden should be pretty much tucked up for the season. There will still be some jobs to do over the winter, pruning fruit trees, cutting back roses but they come later in the season, so just take a moment to look back over the past year, see what worked and what didn’t and make some plans for next year. The winter is a great time to start planning any bigger projects and the dormant period opens up opportunity’s like bare/root balled trees and shrub, and of course you can move around existing plants in your garden within reason and create that new vista at no cost.


Jobs to Do

  • Lift and pot up any Strawberry plant or runners ready for next year
  • Remove any dead and yellowing leaves from your Brassicas
  • Start that orchard and get planting your fruit trees


  • Get planting your soft fruit bushes and canes
  • Mulch up the beds and borders so the roots are being feed and protected from the harshness of winter
  • Lift and split any perennials if cold enough
  • Lift and split Rhubarb crowns and  re-plant the outer edges and have a rejuvenated crop in the spring
  • Cut back your wisteria to 2-3 buds from the main stems
  • Tis the season to take hardwood cutting for suitable trees and shrubs
  • Get out the seed catalogues and get ordering for next year


Down the Plot


Most of the time down the plot for me in December is spent tidying up beds and doing some prep work for next season. One of the first things I do is dig a deep trench where my beans are going to grow next year and fill with any compostable materials, so in go any veg peelings and old spent compost from my pots at home and some good fresh compost off the heap, and then cover back with some soil and leave to rot down over the winter ready for the runners come May!
Maybe the most important job I need to do is actually to tidy up my little shed, various bits of discarded seed packets, some bits of netting and even an old shrivelled up potato that never made it into the ground. There is a fair few packets of seeds that are in my seed tin that I forgotten I had so a good sort through is in order.


That’s all for now and remember to enjoy your garden

And have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year




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