September In The Garden


In The Garden

After another hopefully successful year in the garden, the days will slowly start drawing in and the garden will start its preparation for the Autumn. Will we get a late burst of sunshine just to get that little extra growth from some bedding plants and keep them looking good till the last possible moment? You never know nowadays with our seasons certainly out of sync, whether the annual plants will be flowering on Halloween or a crumpled mess by mid-Septembdsc_0046er. It’s getting to the time when you need to start lifting the mower blades slightly, and a light scarify and aeration, and apply some Autumn/Winter feed which will do the power of good and put it in good health for the cold winter months. Most hedges can be given a little tidy up now as well to keep them looking good till next year. Herbaceous plants can be cut down once brown and why not keep and Sedum heads on for the wildlife in the garden and to add a bit of interest. Same can be said for any Sunflowers you have grown cut the heads off and hang them upside down somewhere and see how the birds go mad for them as they dry out to reveal their tantalising seeds.

Jobs to Do


  • Tidy up your summer pots and bordersdsc_0045
  • Give your winter bedding a little head start while there is still some warmth
  • Get planting you Onions and Garlic now so they fly away in the spring
  •  Keep up regular picking your produce down the plot
  • Some end of season care will be greatly appreciated by the lawn
  • Keep on top of the weeds they will still try to set seed
  • Apples, Pears and Plums will be ripe for the picking from the tree
  • Get the Potatoes dug up dried ready for storing in sacks
  • Plant up a strawberry bed ready for next summer’s cropdsc_0047
  • Give hedges a trim to keep their shape over winter


Down the Plot


The biggest problem this time of the year is the glut of fruit and veg that can overwhelm you, hopefully if you have done your successional sowing it won’t be too bad. I know my fruit trees were heaving under the weight back in August time especially my newest addition the Victoria Plum, which I had to resort to tying up before the branches snapped! Apples and Pears are incredibly versatile, Crumble, Pie, Tart, Sause my favourite cider or just straight of the tree and munched. Your Pumpkins should be near their ultimate size and some late season sun should help it colour up nicely. Maincrop potatoes need digging up now on a nice dry day and left to dry out, then select the biggest and healthiest and store them in hessian sack in a cool dark place to use over the coming months. There are some things to plant and sow even at this end of the season Onion setts and Garlic planted now can put on some root growth and get a flying start in the spring, and some spring cabbages under some fleece or a cloche for added protection. Another joy towards the end of the season is the Autumn Veg show I’m hoping my Parsnips and Carrots have grown on well in their barrels and some Runner Beans may make the grade and a rosette may come their way!?! I will let you know how they fare


That’s all for now and remember enjoy your garden




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