August In The Garden

The height of summer is now upon us, for some it means summer holidays and endless days of sun (unlikely!) and others the fruition of all those months of sowing, preparing and waiting. All your Phlox, Daisies and Lilies along with all your summer bedding and herbaceous plants should be blooming in a riot of colour all around. This year I have got my hands on a Framberry plant to grow on the patio alongside my usual Strawberry collection. A Framberry is a cross between a Raspberry and a Strawberry that rather than growing on canes like a Raspberry, helpfully can be grown the same as a Strawberry in a pot. We have had some fun with our little Framberry. He or she has grown on brilliantly and produced plenty of flowers and thrown out a profusion of runners, but it seems someone else has taken a fancy to them. No 1 suspect the Pidgeon who struts round the garden sampling as and when they feel like it. Elsewhere around the garden you are entering the time when the grass will slow down a bit and its very much a matter of keeping on top of things so keep up with the hoeing you don’t want a few rogue one’s going to seed and ruining your hard work of the last few months. Pot and Baskets will need to be regularly feed and watered to get the best out of them. And remember to dead head the old flower to encourage a longer flowering season

Jobs to Do
  • Dead head summer bedding to increase the flowering period
  • Keep an eye out for Blight on your Potatoes and Tomatoesgardenia_4
  • Harvest your Garlic and Onions when the tops are nice and brown
  • Prune back fruit canes when they have finished fruiting
  • Feed and water pots, baskets and don’t forget the lawn
  • Propagate new Strawberry plants from runners of existing plants
  • Check the compost bin if they get to dry they slow up
  • Give general feed to all your veg beds and plant borders
  • Pick runners beans regularly to increase your yield
  • Protect any precious soft fruits from our feathered friends


Down the Plot

This time of the year I love to be down the allotment, things are almost growing in front of your eyes, my pumpkins for instance are romping away they have two pumpkins on each plant so I have picked of any new flowers to make sure they get the maximum growth they can. My old tip of feeding with sour milk works every year although Pumpkins are greedy voracious feeders so I imagine they would lap up anything!  My Runners are awash with flowers and I’ve been picking the beans for a little while now. Keep up with the successional sowing of your Lettuce and you can still fit the last sowing of some Carrots as well. A particular treat this time of the season is some fresh pickings of Sweetcorn, this is one crop that you literally cannot beat picked and cooked with a tiny bit of butter and seasoning and eaten within 30 minutes of being picked, no shop or restaurant brought Sweetcorn can come anywhere near it taste wise. Elsewhere keep a close eye out for BLIGHT the ever present disease of Potatoes and to a lesser extent Tomatoes, once you see those little black spots on the leaves cut off all affected growth and burn or it will spread. If you find to have to cut all of the top growth to ground level do it as it will save the tatties below the ground and the will be fine left in the ground for a few weeks till you need to go hunting for them.


That’s all for now and remember enjoy your garden



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