July In The Garden




As we head into the summer months its anyone’s guess as to what the weather has in store for us we have had a nice bit of sun already, although the rain was never far away! With the changing climate, we are all going to have to change our ways to accommodate the wider variations that seem to happen, even the seasons can’t be relied on any more! All the herbaceous plants should be bursting with colour and the borders growing along nicely, and the bedding plants in your pots and baskets will be getting better week by week.

Your grass should also be growing on strongly by now and a few little tips to keep the grass greener for longer. I personally always cut the grass a little higher as we head towards the height of summer you will be surprised how much a couple of extra centimetres can keep the grass that bit greener and healthy. Although you may need to cut it a bit more often the extra leaf on the grass will help it absorb more moisture when it rains or in the morning dew, a good summer feed will also do the power of good greening it up and building the root structure.


Jobs to Do
Weeds will be trying to set seed! don’t let them keep weeding

  Plant the summer bedding out in pots, baskets and borders

Sow small amounts of seeds like Lettuce and Carrots regularly so you don’t get a glut

Garlic & Onions can be harvested when the tops brown          

Keep watering newly planted shrubs and trees

           Support taller growing plants like Sunflowers

Protect your crops insects, birds, slugs and others will soon help themselves



Down the Plot

On the veg plot everything should be full of life and you should have eaten plenty of you produce by now whether it be some tasty New Potatoes of some Lettuce with some Radishes, you may well have also had some early Carrots or Peas. Depending on if you had some way of getting an early start via a heated greenhouse or other method you could be munching away on a whole variety of veg by now, but remember with thing like Lettuce, Radishes and Carrots to keep up with you repeat sowings every two weeks or so to keep a fresh supply coming. I had my first Strawberry from my plot the other day and very nice it was too!

The wildlife in the garden will also be in full flow now so make sure those bird baths are full and the feeder stocked up. It also means that some of the more troublesome parts of nature i.e. pests will be munching on your plants, veg and fruit or digging up your prize plants. There are countless different ways of dealing with these problems that would take up countless pages but my only tip would be on these matters is prevention is better than any type of spraying etc. Admittedly sometimes you can’t stop some attacks to your garden but generally speaking the sooner you react the less damage is done, and there are many effective non-pesticide remedies to most problems i.e. slug pellets can be effective but wandering round your pots of an evening picking the slugs and snails off your plants is just as effective, cheaper and far better for the other creatures in your garden and the environment.

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Thats all for now and remember to enjoy your garden


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